Saturday, March 05, 2005

Massive help needed

We are approaching 60 days since the Wallace V Bush lawsuit was filed.
Support for the cause is slow at this time.

I have stated to many that in order to initiate the prosecution of the lawsuit I need to have a reserve of $50,000.00 to be able counter the legal assault that is bound to come upon me by scores of government and corporate lawyers. I am not superman and I cannot withstand such
an onslaught. I will need to hire a team of attorneys to offset that anticipated attack. At the present time the lawsuit is on ice. I cannot proceed without support.

Every person who voted for or against the present administration needs to participate to remove and destroy the cancer that has come upon America, namely fascism.

Please help and get others to do the same. visit for instructions.

Doug Wallace


Blogger DUmmieStephonson said...

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Thank you for your trust. All I need is the 5,000 I will press send.

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