Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wallace Files Petition with Washington State Supreme Court Asking For Re-instatement to Practice to Allow Him to Represent Class members in Lawsuit

On December 2nd, 2005 I filed a petition with the Washington State Supreme Court in Olympia Washington in the Temple of Justice asking for re-instatement to practice to give me legal authortiy to represent class members in the class action lawsuit against Bush, Cheney, et al.

I had discontinued paying bar dues in 2002 and was suspended from practice until I paid up bar dues with penalties. I had choosen that method instead of resigning as I could then ask for re-activation of my license to practice. At age 73, it was a hardship in retirement on Social Security to pay $400.00 annual Bar dues plus another $1200.00 for maintaining Continuing Legal Education (CLE). However I had a long term premonition as far back as law school and before that that I would need to do what I am now doing for America in fighting fascism rooting in the Administration.

In July of this year I requested the Bar to allow me re-instatement to practice for this one case only without further bar dues or CLE which was refused by the Bar. I was told to pay up $4,000.00 in dues and penalties plus meet outstanding CLE requirements for re-instatement.

Since I ask no attorneys fees in this lawsuit but only costs of the lawsuit, I feel it is unjust and inequitable for the Bar to not allow me to prosecute the lawsuit in defense of the Constitution which I have taken a solemn oath to defend against all enemies both domestic and foreign.

A copy of that petition is viewable on my website.

Help me to straighten up the fascist mess that our country is presently immersed in thanks to Bush, Cheney and their rogue companions.

Visit www.wallacevbushlawsuit.com to donate to this cause.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Support is slowly building and soon I will be able to start the prosecution of the case.